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It has been nearly a month since we have been able to share the floor with you, and I know that we can all agree that we miss each other and that we MISS DANCING! International Ballroom is more than just a place to learn how to dance.  We come to see friends, get our minds off of daily stresses, exercise our bodies and minds, fuel our creativity, fill our souls and uplift our spirits.

We all feel that what we do here is much more than just a job.  To pass on the joys of the kinetic flow of movement and the connection of ballroom dancing is our true calling and what we miss the most from our days in the studio with you.  Day to day we are able to share our knowledge with you, while tuning in to the intricacies of our art form ourselves.  As Phil Collins once said; “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn”.  This is true not just in the details and methods of ballroom dancing that we impart to our students, but also true in the lessons that we, as teachers, learn from you in every lesson.

Every day we get the chance to see how what we do creates an impact on people’s lives! We care about every single person that walks through our door.  We love getting to know everyone’s true reason for wanting to dance because everyone’s reason is different. Knowing the “why” for every student helps us personalize our dance journey so that we all get the most out of our lessons.  I say “our” journey because this is a road we travel together.  Step by step, lesson by lesson, we strive to achieve our dance goals as a partnership.  Whether you take your lessons individually or as a couple, your teachers are your partner, we are part of the team.  Our vision of teaching through a personal approach is deeply rooted in each of our lessons… and seeing the look on your faces when you feel a sense of achievement gives us just as much, if not more, gratification knowing that what we are doing is helping you to excel!

Our studio is one big, happy dancing family, and we all are looking forward to the day that we get to waltz  back into the ballroom…to the day we can, as they say, get back into the swing of things.  Until then, know that we are missing you just as much as you are missing us.  This time of pause gives us all a chance to reflect on the things that matter most and the connections that bring the most joy to our lives.  In our case, one of those things happens to be ballroom dancing, but not just because of the beauty of the dance, but because of YOU, our students.

Until we dance again…Stay safe and be healthy.👩‍⚕️

Lacey, Andrey, and your International Ballroom Dance Studio Family