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After more than half a year of cancellations, rescheduling, and hopes being put on hold, the ballroom dance world is reemerging.  We’ve all had to adjust to a “new normal” and the ballroom dance circuit is no different.  With the shared goal of creating a healthy & happy dance space, competition organizers are seeking out & creating ways for us to dance safely and comfortably while on the competition floor! 

Yes, masks may be a new staple accessory for your costume, but don’t let that deter you away from what you have been working so hard to achieve.  IBDS has been looking into how strongly competitions have been taking the rules and regulations to make sure each competition we go to is safe for all who attend. Take a look at how some of the top competitions are responding to the new COVID-19 regulations and how they are opening the ballrooms back up for us dancers.

One of the competitions finally getting back in 2020 is the Grand National Championships in Miami, FL. They have taken every step to make sure the competition space is grand, as well as safe. They have reserved the largest ballroom on site to provide proper distancing of tables as well as limiting the number of people allowed in the ballroom. They are also requiring everyone to have a mask when they are not dancing or eating and plenty of hand sanitizer on every table. Did you forget your mask at home? NO PROBLEM! Dance America will be providing quadruple layer cloth masks for anyone who does not have a mask. Also, though it is custom to hug and kiss your dance friends, they are asking everyone to please wave from a safe distance!

Ohio Star Ball, the largest competition to go forward this year, is following not only the standard guidelines of what Ohio requires, they are also requiring all competitors to have a COVID test of negative up to 72 hours prior to entering the ballroom. This being one of the largest competitions in the world, they are also taking precautions as far as having a separate entrance and exit on and off the floor to keep a safe social distance. All judges and spectators will be required to wear masks at all times, while dancers are only required to wear a mask when not on the floor.

So, though this pandemic has created quite a few speed bumps along the way, it will never stop the swift feet of the ballroom world! Everything that can be done IS being done to make sure these competitions are following all of the CDC guidelines AND to make sure that we can all get back to our happy place on the competition floor!  Just make sure to pack your dance shoes…& your bedazzled mask!