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We all have a story as why we started dancing. Whether it be for exercise, fun, or the thrill of learning something new…everyone’s reason is different. For our next Dance Family Spotlight, we are highlighting beautiful Joy Brokes! Take a look at her dance journey:

1)How long have you been dancing? “I have been dancing for a little over 3 years.”

2) What got you initially started on your dance journey? “I moved here in 2015 and was widowed 3 months later. In my quest to meet people and get involved in the community I started working with Habitat for Humanity. In late summer 2017 Habitat had a fund raiser, including a silent auction. One of the gifts being auctioned was introductory dance lessons. It piqued my interest so I bid and won. It took me a few weeks to actually get started (the phone number on the gift certificate was wrong) Finally, I was driving past the studio one evening and saw activity so I stopped in. The weekly dance social was in full swing. Everyone seemed to be having a good time so I set up my first lesson. The rest is history.”

3) How has ballroom dancing impacted your life? “Ballroom dancing has impacted my life by giving me something to look forward to. I realized last week, when I left my lesson with James, not knowing how long I would not be allowed to dance, that I was leaving part of myself behind. The dancing and the wonderful people at the studio give me a reason to get up every day. I have been to NY, Chicago, Jekyll Island, the Cloister, and Grove Park for fun weekends and have competed in Charlotte, Orlando and Pinehurst. These competitions give me the impetus to improve my dance techniques.”

4) What advice would you give to anyone who is interested in or are just starting on their dance journey? “Don’t be afraid to try. The instructors are all wonderful and make you feel good about yourself right from the beginning. Don’t compare yourself with others. Remember, everyone was a beginner at some point. You are never too old to start. Look at me. I gave it a try and now you can’t get me off the dance floor.” 🎞

“P.S. The second question I asked the doctor after surgery was, ‘When can I start dancing again?’ (the first was, ‘did you get it all?’)”