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Going on a trip can create a lot of stress when it comes to packing; what type of clothes do i need? Did i pack all of my toiletries? HOW MANY PAIRS OF UNDERWEAR AM I GOING TO NEED?! One thing that you never have to worry about packing is your dancing. That can be taken with you everywhere you go! The big question is…where all can you go to dance? We at International Ballroom love to travel…ESPECIALLY to places where we can dance as well. Take a look at what all we really do on our “Fun Trips”

First of all, what is a fun trip? A fun trip usually consists of a weekend out of town fully loaded with tons of dancing packed in. From New York, Chicago, and New Orleans, to as far as Buenos Aires and Europe, we have found dancing fun all around the world for our dance family to participate in!

So now that you know what a fun trip is all about…lets talk about what to expect when you join the International Ballroom dance family on one of their experiences. No matter where you are going or what you are doing on one of these trips, your instructor is going to make you feel like true royalty. You will be catered to 100% of the time. You will also be dancing…A LOT! All of our trips include dancing every day. We will be your personal tour guide in every location and show you various places to dance that you may have never thought would be prime dance spots. Going around town with all of your dance friends “cuttin’ a rug” everywhere you go…what could be more fun?!

So now you are ready to be treated like the king or queen that you truly are…the next question is…where do you want to go? We have a bunch of really fun staple locations that we attend every year. However, we also love planning new fun trips for people to go on. Do you have a certain place that is on your bucket list? We can turn it into a trip of a lifetime filled with your favorite people and dancing! Take a look at all of our fun filled dance adventures we have planned throughout the year on the Dance Travels page. For more details about the various places we go or if you want to plan a fun trip of your own…talk to Lacey and she will be able to answer any question you may have! NOW…pack your bags and let’s go have some FUN!