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Let’s face it…with all of the chaos surrounding us these days we could all use an escape. What about a
weekend where you don’t have to worry about a thing and you get to ENJOY dancing away from the real
world?!? When you come on a trip with us, that is exactly what you get to do…and MORE! From the
time you get in the car, to the time you arrive back home, you are taken care of with white glove service;
all you have to do is pack your bag (& we’ll even help you with that)!

Our next dance escape is to the historically famous Jekyll Island, where the families of such millionaires
as Henry Ford, John D Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and others like them, used to spend their winters
and create history. (Jekyll Island was the location of a meeting in November 1910 in which draft
legislation was written to create a central banking system for the United States, and the first
transatlantic phone call was made from the Jekyll Island Club in 1915.) Every year we travel down to this
Georgian Sea Island to attend their Big Band Weekend while enjoying the historic sites, the lovely vistas,
and getting away from the “real world”…but this year we are doing a complete experience designed
exclusively for our IBDS dance family. With our own private millionaire’s cottage, all meals catered to us,
& even with our own BIG BAND, this trip will definitely have you feeling like you’ve stepped into the
“Great Gatsby”!

As you drive on to Jekyll Island, you are greeted with some of the most beautiful coastal views of
Georgia and the beautiful, landscaped grounds of Millionaire’s Row take you back in time! Once you get
to the resort, you will pass the winter homes of some of the most influential people in American history,
and when you pull up to the IBDS Crane Cottage, you will be greeted with a champagne toast to the
great weekend that is to come. This isn’t your typical “cottage”; the Crane Cottage is the most exclusive
of the villas on the property. It has 15 luxuriously appointed rooms, a private dining room, catering
kitchen, library, and manicured gardens and fountains for us to enjoy.
After everyone gets settled in, it will be time to get dressed up in your semi-formal wear and ready for
our privately catered dinner. After dinner, IT’S TIME TO DANCE! In our private ballroom we will be
having the Jekyll Island Big Band playing all of our favorite big band songs. From foxtrot and swing to
rumba and salsa, we will be dancing the night away! The best part is…IT’S JUST US! No crowded
floor…we will all just be dancing and having fun with our IBDS dance family!

The next day will have plenty of time to explore the island after our catered breakfast. BUT FIRST, we’ll
be having a private croquet tournament! We are going to have croquet instructors from the Jekyll Island
Croquet Club show us how to play and referee the tournament…and the winner of our game will WIN a
cash prize…so bring your best croquet outfit for a fun time on the lawn of the Jekyll Island Resort! After
our tournament and catered lunch, the rest of the afternoon is yours! There are so many things you can
do while on the island! You can go and visit the beach, take a tour and get a taste of the history that
Jekyll Island has, go to the sea turtle sanctuary, shop around, relax in a rocking chair on our private
cottage porch…the possibilities are endless! After a fun day of exploring and relaxing, IT’S TIME TO
DANCE AGAIN! But first, we will have YET ANOTHER catered dinner in our private dining room. We will
then head back to our private ballroom for another night of dancing with the Jekyll Island Big Band!
In the morning of our final day (not too early), we will have a private catered mimosa brunch at our
cottage before our farewell dance party! After all is said and done, we will all take the trip back to reality
and reminisce on all of the great experiences that we got to have while on this truly memorable trip!

Everyone needs an escape…so why not escape with your dance family? We hope to be dancing with you
at Jekyll Island!