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It’s showcase time! It’s time to show off your dance moves for all of your dance family to see! However, your dance moves aren’t the only thing people are going to be “oohing and ahhing” over. Your costume has been perfected and every hair has been put in place…now what about your makeup? Your makeup is what will take your look to the next level and make you feel like the dancing goddess you already are! Take a look at our step-by-step instructions on creating that star-studded look!

Before going through the following steps, one thing we always recommend our ladies to do is to get a spray tan! This will further define your muscles and contour your body to look your absolute best!

Step 1: take care of your skin! Be sure to go through your skincare routine.

  • Be sure to wash your face (of course) and also exfoliate!
    • Exfoliating helps prepare your skin for makeup.
  • Finally, be sure to moisturize your face. Make sure to find a moisturizer that matches your skin type. This will help you create an even canvas to work off of.

If you don’t have a skincare routine and are looking for the best products for your specific skin type, go to the following website and take a short quiz to get a customized list of products for you:

Step 2: Start with the eyes: Eyeshadow gets messy sometimes, eyeliner never seems to go as planned…sometimes you have to fix and adjust to create the perfect look! So starting with the eyes allows for mistakes without having to redo anything with your face makeup.

  • Pro-tip: using simple scotch tape from the corner of your eye to the end of the brow can help create a super crisp line and more professional look.
  • Reminder: This is for dramatic makeup, not just a “night on the town”. So remember, More is better!

To start, use some eyeshadow primer on the lid up to the brow. Remember, your makeup is going to need to stay looking amazing for a while. That means going through the process of run throughs, changing into your costume, socializing, sweating, etc. You will need your makeup to last for hours and making sure it looks like you just did it. Eye primer will not only help with that, but will allow for even distribution of shadow and keep it looking vibrant the whole time!

Now it’s time to add shadow. Always start from the outside working in.

  • Start with a white all above the lid and up to the brow line. This is going to help with the blending process. It Will also help to highlight the brow line and make your eyes look bigger!
  • Moving on to the crease line, you will want to start with a slate grey/light charcoal with an eyeshadow blending brush. Starting from the middle and moving outward, define your crease. Then, move in with the black shadow with an eye contour brush to further define your crease. A little black does go a long way! Use the blending brush and brush outward and around to create the “smokey eye” effect.
    • You may have to go back and use more white and light grey…and that is OK! Blending is your best friend when making a beautiful eye look!
  • Now its time for the lid! Use a light grey for the whole lid with a simple eyeshadow brush. Then, blend outward from the top of the lid to the crease to create a nice, blended look

Next, eyeliner. Remember, the bolder the better! (we are going to do a cat-eye as an example)

  • Start with the top lash line. Moving as close to the lash line as possible, go from the end to end and extend beyond the outer lash line toward the brow (about ¼ of the way)
    • Remember, with scotch tape, you can still have a crisp line without being perfect!
  • Next, bolden the line. Start from the outside and work your way in. You want the boldness to taper the closer inward you get. So, the best thing to do is start from the tip most outward and create a thin triangle toward about the middle of your lash line and color in from there.

Finally, fake lashes (optional) and mascara!

  • If adding fake lashes, the first thing you may need to do is clip the lashes to fit your lid. Nothing is more annoying than a fake lash poking you in the eye for hours!
    • Clip from the inner part and be sure you are putting the correct lash on the correct lid.
  • Next, add the glue. DON’T attempt to put the lash on immediately! Let the glue get tacky first. This will allow a clean application.
  • Next, apply the last starting from the inside out while closing the eye you are applying to. Stay close to the lash line and take your time! Fan the lash with your hand to ensure it is dried and in place before blinking.
  • Once the lashes are added, apply your favorite mascara to blend your lashes together!

Step 3: Move on to the rest of the face! Use your preferred makeup remover wipes and wipe off any excess eyeshadow from your face and, if used, remove the scotch tape.

  • Start with a face primer. This is going to create a smooth canvas so you can apply your makeup evenly.
  • Next, apply your color corrector/concealer. This is going to be used under your eyes and on any skin blemishes you may have to keep an even coloring.
  • Next you will apply a foundation on the entire face to create a neutral canvas.
    • Optional: applying a translucent setting powder after the foundation will keep the foundation in one place faster.
  • Next, we want to contour the face. Using a bronzer or contour palette, you want to carve out the “natural shadow” of your face. Take the dark color with a face contour brush and tap into the temples, under the cheek and jaw bone, and on each side of the bridge of the nose. Remember, you want to define these spots and not blend just yet.
  • Next is time for the highlighting. Using a highlighting powder and using a highlighter brush, tap onto the opposite spots you tapped the contouring powder; T-zone, on top of cheek bone, top of the bridge of the nose, etc.
  • Now it is time to blend everything together! Take a powder brush and draw little circles all over the face going from center out and upward until all is blended together!
    • You can always add more highlighter once the blending is done to add more “glow” to your face!
  • Next, add your blush. Smile big so you can accent your cheek bones! Tap 3 circles with a blush brush starting from center toward ear then blend from the center outward in small circles.

Step 4: Finally, it is LIP TIME! A bold lip will really take this already fabulous look to the next level! You can use a lip liner if desired to draw out your lip line or just go straight to the lipstick. Find a long-lasting lipstick and be sure to reapply just before walking onto the floor! It is always best to use a bold color such as a bright red or pink depending on your costume color.

Ways to take your look even further: Glitter and rhinestones always make the look even more extravagant!

  • Add glitter to the lid for an additional pop and shine.
  • Add some rhinestones to the corner of your eyes as well as your hair using eyelash glue for some extra embellishment.

Remember, this look is about making YOU look amazing on the floor! Customize the look to fit you and your comfort level with makeup. The main things to accentuate are your eyes, cheeks and lips! Take a look at our video tutorial on how all of these tips and tricks will create a phenomenal look on the dance floor!

If you have any additional questions, drop a comment in our blog and we will be sure to respond! Also be sure to go to your local ULTA store or MAC counter to get additional help on your makeup needs!