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As 2020 draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about what we’d like to accomplish in the new year.  Resolutions are always jumped in to head first, but without proper planning it is hard to stick with our goals and achieve to our highest potential.  One of the funnest things to plan for each year are your DANCE GOALS…and we are here to help!

Have you ever really thought about why you dance, or about the way dancing is changing your life?  There are so many benefits to ballroom dancing, and to really get the most out of this wonderful sport, you and your teacher need to design your dance plan!

There are many kinds of goals and each goal has a different benefit.  Some people want to be good social dancers, some want the exciting experience of performing, and others the challenge of competition.  Or, maybe you want to travel and dance around having the time of your life while doing it!  All of these goals are possible…they just take a little planning.  Take a look at the process we take to make sure you not only can achieve your dance goals, but get the ABSOLUTE MOST out of your dancing!

First, we look at where you are currently within your dance journey. “Cookie cutter” goals are not a thing at IBDS. Every student is different, so every goal is going to be different.  We create a new dance plan at least every 6 months because as you grow in your dance journey, your goals will grow and change as well!

Next, we want to figure out what you personally want to get out of your dancing. Maybe you and your partner are just looking to have a date night every week; that path is going to be different from someone who wants to head off to their first competition. Maybe you don’t even know what you want to get out of your dancing…you just want to DANCE! That’s where your instructor comes in. When you sit down with your teacher, they are going to let you know all of the things that will be going on throughout the year and will be able to guide you to the perfect goal for YOU.

Lastly, you and your instructor will decide about how many lessons it will take to achieve your goals. Again, this is not a “cookie cutter” amount that we tell everyone HAS to do. The number of lessons needed is based off of the conversation that you and your instructor have, and is determined by what your personal goals are. A person who is just doing a “date night” with their spouse will not need as many lessons as someone who is preparing for a showcase or going to competition. And with our Semi-Annual Festival happening in June and December, it’s the perfect time to get your prescribed amount of lessons for the next 6 months at a super discounted price!

So, when you are planning your goals with your instructor…plan to ACHIEVE!  Design the dance plan that’s right for YOU and start feeling the benefits.  Don’t you wish every New Year’s goal was as much fun to plan for?!?