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We are beyond excited to be getting back in the studio with our dance family. We send out a heart felt “thank you” to all of our leading ladies and gents who made our first week back both busy and fun! We understand that not everyone is ready to waltz back into the ballroom and so we asked our pioneering students how they felt about taking to the floor once again. Was IBDS indeed the happiest, healthiest place to be in Charleston amidst the madness? Here are some of their responses…

Question 1: What did you miss most about IBDS?

“I missed the physical expression of music and connecting with my instructor and dance family”


“I missed so much about IBDS, but perhaps most of all I missed the studio as my ‘happy place’. It is that magical spot that transforms the cares I carry into joy and lightness of spirit.”


“I missed all of the people! IBDS is my extended family. Of course, I missed dancing”


“I missed the instructors. They are such a positive influence in the life of the dancers”


“I missed the joy of being able to be on the dance floor, moving to the music, and feeling alive again! Of course, this requires a partner and I missed my teacher so much!”


Question 2: How did you feel when you came back to IBDS?

“I was excited to come back to the music and working on my showcase dance. Getting back on the floor felt almost like coming home. Working up a good sweat and feeling it all fall back into place was so much fun and lifted my spirits.”


“I was there the first day the studio opened back up & this made life seem like we were getting back to normal. That made me happy…”


“I was happy and excited to get back. That first lesson after the long lay-off reminded me how much I enjoy ballroom dancing.”


“Going back into the (studio) took a lot of thought and I was hesitant at first…but my first week back was awesome; danced EVERY DAY! I felt safer in the studio than any place else other than home”


“If felt so good to relax into dancing again”


“I felt very comfortable and pure joy in coming back”


Question 3: Did IBDS provide a safe and healthy dance space for you to come back to?

“I felt completely comfortable coming back. The studios are always kept clean and I had no doubt all precautions had been taken to ensure the protection of the students and staff’s health”


“They were disinfecting and hand sanitizing…the only dirty stuff were my jokes”


“Because everyone has a different idea of what ‘feels safe’ to them, I appreciate my instructors being willing to go the extra mile and do whatever is necessary to make me or others feel comfortable in regards to being safe. I was not anxious or concerned during my time of dancing at the studio at all”


“In the difficult time of reopening, the International Ballroom staff are the cleanest, most sanitary and friendliest studio I have ever seen in my 22 years”


The studio owner and director have taken every precaution and the studio is even more spotless than ever! We all know Lacey and Andrey are clean freaks so their commitment to our safety is unquestionable…PS as a retired RN, I know clean 😊”


We are so thankful to all of our leading ladies and gents who led the way back into the studio with style and grace! The health and well-being of our dance family will always be our priority as we navigate these uncharted waters. We look forward to seeing you ALL on the dance floor soon!