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There are so many benefits to dancing! According to Everyday Health, dancing can boost memory, reduce stress and depression, help you lose weight, increase your energy, and gives you a chance to be social and make new friends who share the same passion as you. Whether it be a private lesson, group class, or the social dance parties, dancing weekly can be an excellent way to let go of the daily stresses in a way that is fun and different! Group classes are one of the best ways to dance every week. Here are the top 3 benefits to why you should take group classes.

  1. Great complement to private lessons: In the ballroom dance world, private lessons are key to progressing in your training. You get the one on one instruction and undivided attention from your instructor. So why go to group classes? Think of group classes as an additional tool in your dance tool box; you get to learn new steps (or review your current steps) from a different instructor with a group of people at the same level as you. Also, it can further strengthen your connection and partnership as you will be dancing with different people other than your normal partner. The group class can cover a variety of subjects (arm styling, technique, footwork, etc), and this will allow you to develop questions or ideas of what you want to accomplish in your private lessons as well.
  2. Great social outlet: Why would you NOT want to dance with others who share the same passion as you?! With group classes ranging from 7-10 people in attendance, you are bound to make a few friends. With more people there, it creates a less intimidating environment. Whats better…you are all there for the same reason…to LEARN and (of course) HAVE FUN!
  3. Very Inexpensive: So, you want to learn how to dance but can’t afford private lessons? NO PROBLEM! Group classes are a great and inexpensive way to learn how to dance. Our classes are $12-15 dollars each session and is pay as you go. Group classes are a great alternative to private lessons. Though they may not be as customized as the private lessons, you will still get to learn something new every week, meet new friends, and not break the bank!

So when will you be joining us for a group class? We have group classes all throughout the week! Give us a call or talk with your instructor to find the perfect class for you! Or take a look at our calendar to see what is going on every month!