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Picture this…you have been dancing for about 6 months and are really starting to get the hang of the dances and feel like you are actually DANCING! THEN…your instructor comes up and says to you…”mark your calendar for our Trophy Ball coming up…” and starts talking “gibberish” about this event; buddy teacher? dance entries? JUDGES?  First of all…DON’T FREAK OUT! Your teacher isn’t trying to pull a fast one on you and secretly sign you up for a competition or anything. Trophy ball is a Semi-Annual event for our students to show off everything they have been working on for the past 6 months. It is also a GREAT way to benchmark your progress in continuing to build your dances. Here are some of the frequently asked questions so you know what to expect from this event:

  1. Where is this event going to be? We host Trophy Ball at our West Ashley location. This way, we can have both studios in one location for this fun event!
  2. Who all typically attends this event? This event is open to ALL DANCERS in the IBDS family! Whether you are just starting out and wanting to get a base line on your progress, or you have been dancing for years and wanting to keep up with your personal dance goals, we are ready to see you at your best!
  3. How long does it usually take? Typically, our Trophy Ball starts at 3pm on a Saturday. Depending on how many students are dancing, the event usually lasts a few hours. So it is best to eat a big lunch and/or bring something to snack on so you will be full of energy and ready to strut your stuff on the dance floor!
  4. What should I wear? This is your time to make your self known in front of the judge and your peers…so you definitely want to show it with your attire. For beginners and intermediate level students, ladies can wear a cocktail dress or something that isn’t constricting but still looks polished and the men can wear just a simple collared shirt and tie. Typically, our Bronze and above level ladies tend to wear ballroom practice wear (Dance America, Light in the Box, etc) with the appropriate skirt for both rhythm and smooth. And OF COURSE…LADIES SHOULD REMEMBER TO WEAR DANCE PANTS!  Advanced gentlemen should invest in some black dance pants like the pros wear, a black dance vest, and a matching shirt & tie (or bow tie if you’re feeling snazzy)!
  5. What else do I need to bring? OBVIOUSLY, you need to have your dance shoes (unless you don’t have any yet of course). Also make sure you are prepared for a cold ballroom! We turn the AC low so that everyone who is dancing a lot of numbers won’t be burning up. Therefore, if you know you will probably be having long periods of sitting down, you will want to bring a jacket, blanket, etc. to keep you warmed up and ready to dance! Also be sure to bring anything extra your instructor may request (skirts, tights, DANCE PANTS, etc).


REMEMBER…no one is there to judge you harshly! This event is designed to get constructive criticism from a different set of eyes with all of your IBDS dance family! This is a chance for you to accomplish your dance goals in a comfortable environment. However, if you have any additional questions that arise, please talk to your instructor or drop a comment below!