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Whether you have been dancing for years or just starting, what you wear to your lesson is going to help make for a good dance lesson. In this post, we are going to talk about the various types of attire based on what you want to achieve in your dancing.

Beginner/Intermediate: When you are first starting out dancing, you don’t need to go out and buy all of the skirts and dance tops right away. Wearing something that is comfortable and easy to move in is all you need. Stay away from short skirts or tops that ride up. Solid colors are ideal but not so much important when you are just starting out. As far as shoes are concerned, something that has a back with a smooth bottom. Sneakers are not an ideal shoe as it will stick to the floor and not allow for you to be able to move as freely throughout your dance moves.👍

Advanced: Once you get into your bronze and above syllabi, you are starting to know where you want to go with your dancing. You have invested your time into building this fabulous new skill and now it is time to invest in more proper attire. As far as tops go something fitted to your liking and solid color is ideal. It helps the instructor see your frame and posture more clearly. As far as bottoms for ladies are concerned, it all depends on what you are getting ready for. Whether you are heading off to competition or getting ready for a showcase, you should probably wear a skirt similar to what you will be wearing for said events like a smooth skirt or a rhythm skirt. For men, investing in a pair of dance pants is ideal, however, athletic pants of any type will do. The main goal is to be able to move without any restriction to your movement. Finally shoes are one of the most important things you want to invest in. Take a look at our blog, “Dance shoes why do I need those? Top reasons why dance shoes will magnify your dance growth”