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Belly dance is one of the newest classes we offer in the West Ashley location. You might be thinking…how will this help my ballroom dancing? To get the answer to this question, we asked Polly Guffin, our Belly Dance Instructor.

Dancing, in general, as mentioned in both our Benefits to Group Class and our Go Out and DANCE blog, has many physical health benefits. However, it is always good to be cross training in other activities to even FURTHER strengthen and prepare your body. Engaging in belly dancing allows you to target many of the key muscle groups in dancing, one of which is the core! Polly says, “The primary focus of the art of belly dance is to isolate parts of the body. This, when layered skillfully, will result in the sensuous flow of belly dance choreography.” Since the core is such a vital part of dancing, why not train it and utilize it in every way possible?

Another HUGE component that dancers need is balance! “Natural balance is the key to isolating body parts. That skill comes from learning and drilling basic isolation until it becomes muscle memory. Throughout that journey you learn how much farther your muscles can stretch and contract,” Polly explains. In understanding how certain muscle groups work and the ability to control them, you will be able to see and feel the difference in your overall balance. Polly continues, “Much like most forms of dance and sports, practice and muscle memory play a big role in the outcome. Belly dance can help you to recognize which muscles need to be activated to accomplish a specific motion.”

Join Polly every other Tuesday for her amazing belly dance class. To see when the next one is, check out our latest calendar for West Ashley.