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Quarantining has really put a dent in to everyone’s daily routines…including our DANCE LIFE! Though we may be getting stir crazy and wishing for some virtual interaction with our IBDS Dance Family, there are some very important reasons why you will not be seeing online classes offered by our studio. Though we know you are eager to get back to dancing and are willing to do anything, like virtual classes (which have been going viral) to keep dancing while you’re at home, we want to make sure that you are going to be getting the absolute best when it comes to instruction!  Everything these days is being virtualized, computerized, and commoditized…however, at IBDS, our vision has always been and will continue to be the PERSONAL APPROACH.

Ballroom dancing is a “hands-on” experience, and there is a lot more to it than just teaching steps and techniques.  We pride ourselves and dedicate our teaching on fostering real partnerships, which we cannot create through a virtual approach.

With no disrespect or criticism to our colleagues around the globe who have entered the virtual lesson world – this approach just does not align with our vision or our standards of quality.   The personal training we pride ourselves on works with the senses of sight and feeling to get a fully immersive experience. With virtual training, we cut out the VERY important aspect of the human element.  This is what we define as the personal approach.  This is also why our studio teaches mostly on a private lesson basis and uses group classes & social dance parties as supplemental methods.  Feeling, movement, & partnership are the most CRUCIAL parts to enjoying/learning how to ballroom dance! Ballroom dancing is a SOCIAL activity.  It is not a a solo act.

In the virtual world, we are unable to further develop anything beyond steps.  Think about going to YouTube and trying to learn how to dance. Sure, you will learn a couple of steps and some unique combinations…but when adding it to the additional element of having a partner, it can potentially confuse you even more!   It’s like learning a language without being able to communicate with someone in person & having a response back…like trying to describe the taste of an ice cream flavor from a picture.  There is also so much more to our studio than just “learning how to dance”.

In saying all of this, let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can still work on your dancing and practice from home…

One of the best things to do for you and your dancing is to PRACTICE! Practice should not just be the times you come in for your dance lessons. According to the Dance Vision blogpost, “The IMPORTANCE of practice withNadia Eftedel”, for every 1 lesson you take, you should dedicate 8 hours of practice. That being said, we understand that life is CRAZY and, unless you are a professional who does this for a living (which sometimes that is even tough) it can be very hard to fit in those hours. However, now is the time to “catch up”! Push away the furniture and create some space for you to dance and practice. ANY SPACE WILL DO! And, though YouTube may not be your go-to for new steps, it is definitely a GREAT source for music. Below are some sources for how to find the best music to practice to:

  • Waltz: type in waltz music DJ Ice
  • Tango: Type in tango music DJ Ice
  • Foxtrot: Type in Foxtrot music DJ Ice
  • Cha-Cha: Type in AMERICAN cha-cha music
  • Rumba: Type in AMERICAN rumba music
  • East Coast Swing: Type in East Coast Swing music
  • Salsa: Type in Salsa music

Finally, remember, DO NOT USE YOUTUBE AS A SOURCE FOR NEW STEPS! is a phenomenal resource to review any steps you have learned as that is what our curriculum is based off of! If you have any questions that arise about your dancing that you cannot seem to solve on your own, the best thing to do is to write down all of your questions and bring them to your first lesson back in the studio…and, be sure to only practice what you have already been taught!

See you guys soon enough! Stay strong and be healthy!  We miss you as much as you miss us, PARTNERS!